Young and Stupid


I’m lying on my bed, laughing to and at myself. Sometimes, I can be really stupid. Often, I do a lot of stupid things.

The way I see it, I’ve done a lot of stupid things but I can’t say I’ve done enough. In fact, I’m eagerly awaiting the next set of bad decisions I’m going to make. The next set of unfortunate consequences that I’m going to endure. It gives me a thrill you know, the whole cause and effect thing. This thing is happening as a result of that thing I did. It makes me feel like, I’m in control.

I was saying, I haven’t done enough stupid things. I’m young, therefore, I’m allowed and even expected to be stupid. It’s a cliché I embrace with my whole being.

I just finished reading a book-Forrest Gump-about an idiot. A real idiot. He was always saying, to paraphrase, ”What do I know? I’m just an idiot.” Honestly, I think we are all idiots in our different ways. We try not to over-analyse things as it makes the little understanding we have of them slip through our fingers, like smoke. We just go with it.

Just go with it. Let me be stupid. Let me make bad decisions. It’s okay if I don’t know what I’m doing. Really, who does?


The Importance of Being Beautiful.



The  Importance of Being Beautiful.


Yes this also applies to guys.

Sometimes I stand in front of my mirror, just before a crucial outing, and ask myself the age old question-”Do I look beautiful?”(i.e. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of them all?)

Usually I study myself some more then I lower the bar-”Do I look pretty?”(i.e. Mirror mirror on the wall please am I finer than some of them?)

Well to cut the long story short (the story is very long, trust me), I finally conclude by assuring myself-”At least you’re not ugly”.

Actually, the truth is, when I finally step out and people start gushing ”Oh my gosh you look so beautiful”, I’d immediately feel beautiful.

What does that imply?

The perception the majority of us have about our looks are based on other people’s opinions. This is very wrong. I should let you know that even some of the so called beautiful people, require other people’s words of approval and adoration to assure them of their, errrr, beautifulness.

I’ve given this some thought (and you should too). Why do we as humans require approval before we can feel certain or confident about ourselves or what we’re doing?

We are made in God’s image right? I think that’s where we have our answer. God does require praise, worship and appreciation from both us humans and his angels.

Now let’s look at it from another angle. God requires praise and worship but the absence of these couldn’t make him any less the God that he is.

What am I trying to say? The fact that someone doesn’t appreciate your very stylish jacket doesn’t make it any less stylish.

Some people would particularly not tell you that you look nice because they are jealous of the way you look. Sometimes they even resort to saying bad things about you just to cover up their insecurities.

I’ve had some experiences that have convinced me that not much value can be put on most people’s opinions about us. A simple example is my height. On a certain day long ago, my family and I visited some relatives. They (the relatives) went on and on about how tall I’d grown and I was glowing with happiness. Then someone that had been previously absent arrived. She looked at me and exclaimed loudly, ”I expected you to be taller than this by now!”

What people (especially boyfriends, girlfriends, potentials and idols) say can matter a great deal to us but we shouldn’t let it take away from or add to our esteem. Look at your reflection and assess yourself honestly. This might come as a shock to you, but, nobody’s perfect. We all have our assets and our flaws. There are some things that you can’t change about your looks. Learn to accept them. They make you who you are.

A popular actress once said, ”I believe beauty comes from confidence”.  Yes, I know, beauty also shines from your heart. I honestly believe that beauty (handsomeness, sexiness) is overrated. Leaving that aside, God -the master sculptor- has assured us that we’re wonderfully and marvellously made.

So therefore, the next time you find yourself in front of a mirror, well, you know what to do.

p.s. Those of you that have boyfriends or girlfriends like Bruno Mars(Just The Way You Are) shouldn’t make noise at all.